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Red on Red

Red on Red 4/5 (80%) 11 votes

Model: Meagan

Meagan scrunches her soles on the couch.

Modeling can be tough, and nothing blows off steam quite like relaxing on the couch with your feet kicked up. Don’t believe us? Just ask Meagan. She spent the entire shoot wiggling her little piggies and scrunching her soles like only she could do. Shes’s down to her undies which gives us lucky on-lookers a great view of her fit behind and tone legs. Aside from that, it looks like she spent a lot of time painting her toes as the look flawless, even with a DSLR lens focused on them. Want to see the entire update? Signup up now and get unlimited access to this and all of our other updates! If you’d like to see more of Meagan’s sole, you can do so by clicking here.

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